China 3D Carver 1325 CNC Woodworking Machine

China 3D Carver 1325 CNC Woodworking Machine

                    CNC Engraving and Slicing Equipment


design cnc router NM-48
operating area 1220mm*2440mm
traveling location 1320mm*2540mm
table layout T-slot vacuum desk
spindle 4.5KW / five.5KW / 6KW / 7KW
controller NC studio 53C card handle technique with pc
rail ZheJiang linear rail
reducer Planetary reducer with large precision
ball screw ZheJiang large precision ball screw
rack helical racks
motor stepper motor / leadshine servo motors
push Yako 2811 / Yako 2D811/ Leadshine drive
pump five.5KW / 7.5kw drinking water cooling pump or air cooling pump
dust collector 3KW / 5.5KW


Solution Description

* Furniture wood doorways, cupboards, plate, place of work, and wood furnishings, tables, chair, doors, and home windows.
* The wooden goods: voice box, sport cupboards, laptop tables, stitching machines desk, instruments.
* Plate processing: insulation element, plastic chemical components, PCB, inner human body of automobile, bowling tracks, stairs, anti-Bate board, epoxy resin, Ab muscles, PP, PE, and other carbon combined compounds.
* Enhance industry: Acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, organic glass, plastic and gentle metals such as copper, aluminum plate engraving and milling method.

Primary characteristics.

* Ruggedly constructed device framework. Substance is anxiety relieved and annealed for deformation totally free to preserve device correct and construction balance.

* Machine base milling and drilling are made by CNC equipment which can procedure 5 sides at the identical time to make certain the equipment body geometry tolerance is normal.

* Sophisticated powder coating technology to keep the device entire body color lasting and refreshing.

* Square tube lathe mattress and metal gantry make the equipment entire body far more secure and significantly more robust.

* Large velocity air cooling spindles and large efficiency subdivision motorists make confident to operate stably for the long time.

* The equipment can support to finish various processes by handbook resource modifying. It is the cost-effective typical fashion. 

* It is straightforward to find out and operate with different keyboard management program and learn the application in a brief time.

* Exceptional areas: undertake stepper push technique, ZheJiang authentic manual rail and rack.

* Function plan can be CZPT according to the workpiece issue.

China 3D Carver 1325 CNC Woodworking Machine

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