Electrical Exhaust Centrifugal Axial Fan Motor Ywf4e-400

Electrical Exhaust Centrifugal Axial Fan Motor Ywf4e-400

CZPTal exhaust centrifugal axial fan motor YWF4E-four hundred

 CZPT Paremeters:


*The fan rotor is immediately welded by rotor and blade, it adopts double-sided dynamic harmony, and the dynamic stability attained G6.3.


*The supporter blade, rotor and grid are all powder sprayed, the surface is smooth, vibrant and corrosion-resistant.


*The motor include is also specific dealt with, which helps the protect free from oxidized.


*Fan normal ambient temperature:-25°C~+60°C.


*The recent insulation grades equipped are B-course, F-course and H-course, and protection class is IP54.


*Widely employed for condensers and evaporators


*Available for size diameter from 200MM to 700MM.


*Various of voltage is CZPT,this sort of as 220V,380V,50HZ,60HZ,and so forth


Other relevant designs:


Model Voltage
YWF2D/E-200 380/220
YWF4D/E-200 380/220
YWF2D/E-250 380/220
YWF4D/E-250 380/220
YWF2D/E-300 380/220
YWF4D/E-three hundred 380/220
YWF6D/E-three hundred 380/220
YWF4D/E-315 380/220
YWF4D/E-350 380/220
YWF4D/E-four hundred 380/220
YWF4D/E-450 380/220
YWF4D/E-500 380/220
YWF4D/E-550 380/220
YWF4D/E-600 380/220
YWF4D/E-630 380/220
YWF4D/E-seven hundred 380/220

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Electrical Exhaust Centrifugal Axial Fan Motor Ywf4e-400

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