Hangkai 4HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor for Inflatable Boat

Hangkai 4HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor for Inflatable Boat

Hangkai 4HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor For Inflatable Boat

This 4.0hp HANGKAI Outboard Motor 2 stroke brief shaft outboard is perfect for a dinghy, tender, canoe or sailboat. Economical, compact and moveable, delivering you the most electricity in a modest parcel. The lightweight HANGKAI four.0hp outboard has a wonderful horsepower to weight ratio and other attributes.


* Compact and light-weight
* Modern CDI ignition method for easy starting
* Twist grip throttle handle for easy maneuverability and safety
* Thermostat managed drinking water cooling method for regular motor temperature
* Basic safety Lanyard/Unexpected emergency Shut off
* Large obligation aluminum propeller
* 360 degree with Forward-Neutral shifting
* Hassle-free, simple to keep track of oil stage gauge indicator
* Practical one.4L integral fuel tank
* Weighty duty maritime aluminum alloy for ultimate corrosion security
* Vibration reduction program
* CZPTt in equipment safety
* Via the prop exhaust
* Shallow drinking water drive


one)Max. Output: 2.9KW /4HP

two)Full throttle operating range (rpm): 4200-5300

three)Stroke: 2


5)Displacement (ml): seventy four.6CC

6)Bore×Stroke (mm): 47×33

7)Dimensions (L×W× H) mm: 450×300×960

eight)Transom height: 44cm

nine)CZPTting system: Manual

10)Control system: manual tilt

11)Gear shift position: F-N

twelve)Gear ratio:two.08(27:thirteen)

thirteen)Propeller options: 3-seven one/4″×6″

14) CZPTmmended Fuel: # 93 Lead-free gasoline

15)CZPTmmended Gear Oil: Professional Gear Oil

16)Lubrication System: Mixed fuel & oil (twenty five/fifty:one)



Hangkai 4HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor for Inflatable Boat

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