Hero Brand High-Speed Film Laminating Machine

Hero Brand High-Speed  Film Laminating Machine

Hero Model Computerized Higher Pace Paper Laminating Device(GF-C)

HERO Machine IS Renowned Brand IN CHINA.
We are specific create entire creation of plastic bag, such as movie blowing machine, bag producing equipment, printing equipment, coating equipment, slitting equipment, laminating device, paper bag equipment, non woven bag equipment And so on.
CE CERTICIATE, EUROPEAN Top quality, GERMANY Engineering! !
We presently offered to these country, if you are in this Nation, you can go to my consumer manufacturing facility to examine our device
The us: The us, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador
Asia: Korea, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Bangladeshi, Philippines, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia,
Center East: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syrian, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Kosova
CZPTpean: Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Belarus, Poland, England, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania,
Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa,

This device is ideal for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and paper roll movie components
Many composite substance layers, the creation of large power, large preservation, large high quality packaging resources resistant cooking
1, the host for the biaxial coating and composite sync frequency and feedback.
2, the thickness of the blade and rubber coated anilox strains to select.
three, the whole a few-phase tension management, all with automatic constant stress management method.
four, discharge flip duplex rack, CZPT halting refueling, changing axis preset tension.
5, discharge with computerized correction technique.
six, obtaining flip duplex rack, automated refueling, changing axis preset tension.
seven, shifting blade, pneumatic back strain system.
8, a few segments individually managed heating tube sizzling air method, smoke exhaust gadgets, into the exhaust sturdy wind,
Dry extensively.
9, fuel oven and penetrating the leading system, initiative guiding roll oven synchronous procedure.
ten, the composite substrate preheating system, water cooling the composite product.
eleven, inflatable retractable reel.
12, the composite of the a few-roll nip method, the stress is a lot more uniform, a lot more solid compound.

Hero Brand High-Speed  Film Laminating Machine

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