Auto PE Film Bottle Sleeve Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Wrapper Packaging Packing Machine

Auto PE Film Bottle Sleeve Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Wrapper Packaging Packing Machine

Product description:

CZPT parameter:
Facility product: 450type
Facility general size: L11850*1215*2150H mm
Packaging report max measurement: L *W *H mm
Shrinkage film content: PE,PVC,POF
Shrink membrane thickness: eighty~90um
For each minute max potential: 35-40bag (can limitless speed change)
Power provide max load relied: heating situation 48kw/220v
(whilst temperature electrical power is 48KW, functioning temperature keeping segment electricity is 24kw)
mechanism portion power is 10KW)
Equipment use compressor air strain:.4~.7Mpamax gasoline intake quantity is:
. 25NMthree/min
CZPT belt max width: 600mm,peak is: 1120~1185(mm)(can change)
Stress necessity: 380/220V
Facility weight: 5150kg

Merchandise description:

Appearance concision,beauty,fracture novel,special,convenient to sustain
Big screen, manipulation interface Lcd Chinese and English display 
Pneumatic broaden assist membrane roller, membrane adjust is swift, membrane modify just require two moment
Membrane rigidity transportation, even and plat, film cutting controlling is precision, cut is tidy 
Tremendous servo controlling technologies can hold each fracture precision in-period, transmission is reliably
Heating circumstance fracture is affordable,heat insulation and heat maintaining,temperature managing precision is hugely.
Match German Siemens,German P+F,Japan SMC,Italy Motuoliao ect intercontinental most advanced controlling component, gadget is good, working issue is steadily. 
Mechanism generate element undertake to heating therapy stainless steel or medium carbon steel ect material surface spray coating quality is fantastic complete machine anti-rust character is really extremely
Whilst all the electrical energy,pneumatic managing accord with latest intercontinental utilized criterion (CE criterion)
Even though electrical energy reduce, established manpower rotary conveyor belt gadget, effortless to shift heating tunnel within solution outside the house
Picket case and wrap membrane separately package 

Well known mechanism character:
Our organization produce WD-450A sequence heating shrink wrapping device, except widespread system, also have other system character that other firm don’t have 

one,WD-450A straight line automobile thermo shrinkage package deal equipment business computerized managing
method, total set undertake to German Siemens complete line IT product( have PCC servo
controlling equipment, servo electricity motor, manipulation monitor). Entirely resolve industry
automatic controlling system select multi business up and down solution compatibility
character and cannot enlarge ect engineering problem, at total facility movement engineering
stream, Siemens max utmost exert Siemens PCC industry automatic computer technological innovation

2, For bottle variety dimension have big mistake actual predicament, stay away from bottle off phenomena although CZPTs transport,car PE movie wrapping machine from HangCZPT CZPT Worita packaging equipment co, ltd at bottle pushing fracture, unique set vehicle on-off,photoelectrical machine cease device,reset is extremely quick,can finish reset inside of one particular minute,stay away from frequency machine stop probably make by through bottle are unsuccessful.

3,Siemens market laptop managing technique one more software extended advantage, can pre-install for client or afterwards include distinct bottle sort, or diverse bag specification deal
pre-variety remedy, to go well with different bottle sort and package deal specification alter at will.
Get to one particular machine have a number of use, enhance facility doing work performance, and easy to handle, handy to sustain

four,affordable warmth shrinkage scenario, adopt to multi level temperature inspection and managing technologies, through B&R PCC controlling 1 piece of unbiased procedure module controlling, thermo shrink case procedure statics, achieve automobile evaluation , car develop movement number   make sure heating shrinkage circumstance working part temperature precision, to generate most beauty shrinkage result

5,450A linear type vehicle PE film wrapping equipment dissolve customer facility character enhance, application purpose update, at facility perform, it have extended-variety diagnose and managing engineering, whilst customer need, through inside of modulation, can enter into new process, new enhanced load to u facility controller, easy to recognize facility regeneration. And can recognize facility motion get notice, assist person comprehend modernization locale manage  

 Technology condition and prerequisite:
     1,Bundle variety:
or accord with shopper need

two. Utilized to container variety:
spherical glass bottle or PET bottle,can,container outsider diameter is sixty-ninety mm
top is a hundred and twenty-300mm.

(remark: even though trade related spare areas, used set up is far more broader).

Accord with u organization distinct need: associated bottle sort package kind relevant software program have currently set up, while trade bottle sort, just want to swap above at manipulation panel, simple to take care of

3.Velocity: 35-40bag/minute (can continuous stepless speed regulation)

4,Meet up with with pre-therapy filling equipment filling pace. Bundle specification as follows:
3row*3arrange/bag,6row*4arrange/bag,2row*3arrange/bag, 4row*3arrange/bag
or accord with shopper necessity

5,Bundle material prerequisite:
Materials: PE  density:.ninety one~.92  g/cm3
max membrane roller diameter: 500mm
membrane roller plate core diameter: Φ76~Φ80mm
extend tension: longitudinal,lateral accord with GB13571 criterion
heating shrink ratio: longitudinal,lateral accord with GB/T13519-92criterion,70±5 %,20±5 %
shrinkage ratio: longitudinal,lateral accord with GB/T13519-ninety two criterion
fracture rigidity: longitudinal,lateral accord with GB13571 criterion
thickness deviation: accord with GB6672 criterion

,Criterion collocation function: (three component)

 1450Aauto transportation fracture: 
Link filling equipment conveyor, divide two diploma or one diploma conveyor, control through transducer, pace can alter freely, can car bottle divide and sorting

 layout chart sketch map details (accent)

 450A thermo shrinkage wrapping equipment details pictures as follows:

Total machine

Film Wrapping system

CZPT method

CZPTity cupboard

Auto cardboard feeding method

Principal collocation information

No Identify Specification Quantity Model Place of origin
one ten.4 inch important manipulation monitor   1set Siemens German
two Servo electrical motor    5set Siemens German
3 Equipment motor    2set  ZheJiang ZheJiang
4 Frequency converter   2set ZheJiang ZheJiang
five Servo controller   5set Siemens German
6 Photoelectrical inspection
,sensor swap
seven Pneumatic component      SMC Japan
eight CZPTity component      Schneider France
9 Principal push shaft      SKF or identical diploma item Swiss
ten Straight line shaft     IGUS German
11 Deceleration machine    4set   Unis
twelve Swollen shaft   2pcs   Xi Hold
13 Flat belt   HABSIT   Swiss
fourteen PCC handle system variety     Siemens German
A Servo motor   5set Siemens German
B Servo controller   5set Siemens German
procedure disk
PP41 variety 1pcs Siemens German
D Bus interface RS-232,CAN 1pcs Siemens German
E Input and output module   6pcs
Siemens German
15 CZPT chain (plastic)
(including all kinds of chain wheel, information wheel, cushion strip) with high toughness, large wear resistance and other positive aspects
    American DuPont Co Usa
 16 Heating pipe (spiral fins form)   24pcs    
seventeen Large fan  one.1kw   2set    
 18 High insulation (class H)   2set    
19 The heating community with 9.24M quality stainless metal materials by 500mm   1pcs    


Auto PE Film Bottle Sleeve Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Wrapper Packaging Packing Machine

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