Two-Roll Profile-Cold Rolling Mill

Two-Roll Profile-Cold Rolling Mill

Item description:
LG-50JZ-His Two-roll profile-Cold Rolling Mill, The mechanical gear of rolling mill contains feeding device, mandrel areas, hydraulic mandrel chuck, Rotary Feed mechanism, middle bed elements, machine frame, functioning body, discharging gadget and primary transmission mechanism.
The equipment can meet up with the creation of stainless steel. Superalloy. Titanium and titanium alloys and other black Non-ferrous steel precision seamless tubing consultant steel grades are as follows:

Breed Agent Steel
Stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti,0Cr18Ni9,0Cr18Ni10Ti,316HWait
superalloy GH1140,GH3030,GH3039
GH536,GH625, GH163
Titanium and titanium alloys TA2,TA10,TA15,TA18Wait

CZPT parameter:

No.           Description Unit Tube Chilly Rolling Machine Design
one Hollow dimension Outdoors diameter mm Φ40~φ82
Wall thickness mm 2~7
Length m two~five
2 Tube dimensions Exterior diameter mm φ30~φ68
Wall thickness mm one.five~six
Duration m <=15
three Max. elongation ratio of rolling   It relies upon on the substance
four Max. nominal rolling drive t a hundred and twenty
5 Stroke charge of roller carriage str./min. fifty~90
6 Stroke duration of roller carriage mm 752
7 Size of hollow feed mm two~ten
8 Rotating angle of hollow for the duration of feed  Deg. 45-seventy five
9 Rotate-and-feed system   Servos Or Direct present
ten Dia. of roller mm φ324
eleven PCD of equipment driving roller mm φ270,φ280,φ290,φ300
12 Length of connecting rod mm 2200
thirteen Radius of crank mm 375
14 Offset distance amongst crank and slider mm a hundred ninety
fifteen Middle height of hollow mm 750
sixteen Complete transmission ratio   10
17 Energy of principal motor KW 90



Structure and attributes of gear:
one,Feeding system
The feeding unit is composed of feeding frame and feeding roller table. The tube blank is fed by the back conclude, and the materials is fed by manual operation

2,Core Bar Chuck Assembly
The core bar chuck adopts hydraulic pressure sort. The loosening and clamping of the core rod are achieved by the hydraulic cylinder. The axial adjustable stroke of the core bar chuck is ± 35mm to guarantee the dimension necessity of the finished pipe.

3,Rotary feed system
The rotary feeding mechanism is managed by servo motor or DC motor. The dimensions of the rotation angle and the dimension of the feed by changing the quantity of motor rotation to obtain stepless adjustment. The rotary feeding system is outfitted with a feeding motor and a rotary motor. The tube blank is intermittently fed and rotated by means of a equipment reduction system respectively.

four,Centre portion
The middle bed is made up of mattress, tube blank, carriage, bearing seat, screw Rod, easy lubricating gadget and so on. The middle bed adopts the welding bed, and the welding elements are annealed. The equipment physique is equipped with double bearing housing to push the direct pipe blank into the trolley pull rod bracket, polished rod and so on. The two driving screws are fastened in the front and back bearing seats, one stop of which is linked with a hexagonal coupling and a rotary feeding box, and the intermittent feeding of the pipe is recognized by the screw nut installed in the pipe billet feeding trolley, screw Rod Substance: Particular Screw Rod Material YF45MnV. The bracket supports the screw Rod, the main rod and the tube blank. In the approach of Tube Rolling, the tube blank is fed into the tube blank intermittently at the back again finish of the tube blank. When the tube blank is fed into the tube blank, the tube blank into the roof sleeve need to be changed to suit the different specs of the tube blank. In the procedure of halting and charging, the billet can be moved into the trolley to control the rapid progress and retreat and cease at any place of the middle bed. The easy lubrication unit for the screw Rod lubricates the screw rod irregularly to improve the provider existence of the screw nut.

5,Base scenario
The box entire body uses the welding piece, the welding piece carries on the anneal processing and the leakage check. In order to aid the cleaning of the box entire body and avert the accumulation of dirt, a diversion plate is extra on the reinforcing rib of the box physique. The chassis is outfitted with a closed upper cover, which is practical for automated operation in style and can avoid the splash of procedure lubricant and h2o spray out of the equipment and lessen sound. The major and passive tooth are lubricated by oil injection. Gear substance: huge equipment ZG310-570. Pinion forgings 40CR. (other materials and procedures can be utilised according to customer’s needs) the connecting rod adopts forty five # , normalizing. The driving shaft and connecting Rod Pin are quenched and tempered with 40Cr. Rack material: forty five, tooth area quenching treatment. Device Foundation XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. RAIL: the Xihu (West Lake) Dis. rail adopts individual or integral framework, the material is HT300 casting. CZPTs are lubricated with grease.

6,Discharge system
The discharging technique is composed of v-formed groove and discharging platform. The v-shaped trough and the discharge platform are each and every a welded entire body. The discharge length can be developed in accordance to the user’s requirements. An oil pan is arranged under the discharge system to fix feasible residual liquid in the pipe.

seven,Primary generate system
Adopt strength-consuming braking method. It is largely composed of Z4 variety DC motor, belt driving gadget, assistance and so on. The massive belt pulley is driven by a DC motor by way of a slender v-joint belt on a modest belt pulley. The little belt pulley and the main motor are fastened on a base with an adjustable screw to adjust the tightness of the belt. Massive Belt pulley via static harmony take a look at, to ensure the clean procedure.

8,hydraulic machinery
The hydraulic method contains a hydraulic station oil pump, a gas tank device, a corresponding electromagnetic handle valve and a pipeline. CZPT Method via pressure control valve, stream manage valve, solenoid valve to handle the accuracy of each hydraulic cylinder to guarantee the normal operation of the total rolling system. The hydraulic cylinder comprises a main Rod Chuck Oil Cylinder (1 medium and minimal pressure) .

9,Procedure Lubrication Technique
The cooling pump is mounted on a independent oil tank the oil is sent to the head by a shunting system to offer procedure lubrication and cooling of the tube blank, as properly as lubrication of the guideway, head slide and gear rack in the body.

10,CZPTal Management Technique
The principal motor velocity control technique and the motor push system controlled by PLC are composed of electric powered manage cupboard and procedure panel. The Handle Center of the technique is Plc.. The whole electrical manage system mainly consists of transmission control system, rotary feed management system, auxiliary control method and so on.

Two-Roll Profile-Cold Rolling Mill

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